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by Public Interest Tech Lab

fbarchive is an online collection of internal Facebook documents designed to facilitate collaborative curation and research.

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Test Business App

by Test

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by MyDataCan

Sayings that connect. Bump.Buzz allows you to send proverbs, words of inspiration, and other sayings to members of your community or designated group. You can send sayings anonymously to others based on proximity or to mutually agreed upon friends by name.

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Tech Studies

by Public Interest Tech Lab

Tech Studies Tech Study Plans give students and researchers descriptions of experiments that, if conducted, could yield timely results to improve the world in the public interest.

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by Public Interest Tech Lab

VoteFlare monitors a voter’s registration on a timely basis, and if any change occurs, notifies the voter by text, email or phone that a change occurred. You don't have to worry about your voter registration because you are notified if anything changes. It's like crediting monitoring, but for voter registrations.

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