MyDataCan offers you affiliated apps to live a better life and puts you in control of your information. When you use regular apps or web-based services, companies collect information about you and share your information with other companies and organizations, and those companies and organizations in turn, may share your information further. You can’t know who knows what about you.

MyDataCan is a different data sharing paradigm. Apps and web-based services that are affiliated with MyDataCan put you in the center of data sharing. Apps and services affiliated with MyDataCan put a copy of your information in your own private storage on MyDataCan. You can then view your information, delete it, or share it with other apps or services.

You can also “privatize” your information on MyDataCan. The privatized option allows you to encrypt your information with a passphrase that you know but that is not stored on the MyDataCan platform. Privatized information is unreadable on the platform. You can reverse the process using your same privately held passphrase to make the information visible on the platform again.

How It Works

During the time you use an affiliated MyDataCan app or service, the app will store your personal information in your private storage on MyDataCan. The stored information is your personal copy, under your control, to use as you want. You can download it, delete it or even share it with other apps or privatize to make it unreadable on the platform. The data remains there as long as you want or this edition of MyDataCan is available.